WWMD Ordinance

Town Ordinance, passed August 11, 2009, creating Wastewater Management District delineating 15 focus areas including approximately 2000 properties.  See Maps of areas.

Upgrade Standards: Revised

The Upgrade Standards (along with the latest Public Health Code) provide the requirements for septic system installation in the WWMD. They are attached to the WWMD Ordinance but can be revised periodically by the WPCA after review by DPH and DEEP and a public hearing.  The last revision was January 12, 2015. 

Wastewater Management District Legislation

This legislation effective October 1, 2003 allows the establishment of decentralized wastewater management districts in Connecticut. 

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January 11, 2018

Public Health Code

Subsurface Sewage System Disposal System Technical Standards; Last revision January 2018. 

2005 Mediated Settlement

The WPCA and CT DEP reached an agreement on December 13, 2005 regarding the establishment of a WWMD, development of an engineering report [facilities plan], and Clean Water Funds in order to move forward with remediation of the groundwater.

2011 Modified Stipulation of Judgment

This Modified Stipulation of Judgment recognized the progress the WPCA made in developing the facilities plan and schedules, establishment of the WWMD and upgrade standards, and beginning the implementation of the upgrades in the District. 

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