The Old Saybrook Water Pollution Control Authority was established via Town Ordinance [pursuant to the C.G.S. § 7-246] in 1980 and fully amended in March 1995 for the purpose of "creating a sewer avoidance program and seek compliance with the CT Department of Environmental Protection."  

The WPCA consists of 7 members and 2 alternates appointed by the Board of Selectmen to serve 3 year terms.   Members are selected for their knowledge, skills, and attributes through an interview process and have worked diligently over the past 20 years to:


  • Implement the Town-wide pump out program

  • Collect data via a 10-year ground water monitoring project 

  • Develop and support Decentralized Wastewater Management legislation

  • Establishment a Wastewater Management District encompassing 15 focus areas with 2000 properties to upgrade septic systems in answer to CT DEP (now Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) mandate and orders to abate water pollution in Old Saybrook

  • Research and initiate polluted run-off education and programs 

Public Meetings are held the 2nd Mondays of each month in Town Hall.

Mission Statement

The mission of the WPCA is to find solutions to the identified impacts on the waters of the State through an aggressive, scientifically and technologically based sewer avoidance program; by protecting the groundwater quality through wastewater treatment system upgrades, maintenance and monitoring programs.

The WPCA Goals and Objectives:

  • The WPCA will develop and implement a wastewater management program in the WWMD to upgrade and construct wastewater treatment systems in accordance with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection requirements and regulations.

  • The WPCA will continue to monitor and manage sewage disposal systems Town-wide and maintain the pumpout program database.

  • The WPCA will continue to protect the Town’s interests through the approval of permanent maintenance agreements associated with individual and community sewage systems.

  • The WPCA will provide public education with an emphasis on:  Reduced use of fertilizers and pesticides, water conservation, approaches to controlling polluted runoff, and operation and maintenance guidelines for onsite sewage treatment systems.

  • The WPCA will continue to support Town departments and commissions  in creating integrated approaches to sub-surface sewage disposal and stormwater run-off, that conform to the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development.

Upgrading 2000 Septic Systems...

In an August 2009 referendum, Old Saybrook voted by a 3-1 margin to implement a Decentralized Wastewater Management District [and associated funding] encompassing 15 focus areas of 2000 properties.  The adoption of the WWMD Ordinance and Upgrade Standards was the result of a year-long effort by; the Board, staff, state and local agencies, and legal and engineering consultants to develop the legal documents and Facilities Plan, hold public information sessions, and educate residents about the program.  In 2010, the WPCA began the bidding and construction of onsite septic system upgrades in Phase I.  As of 2016, the program is in the 2nd Phase with over 500 systems installed and over 800 designated "Upgrade Compliant."  

Began in 1998

Adopted via Ordinance 75 in 1999.  All residents are required to have their septic systems pumped out, inspected and maintained at least once every 5 years.  


This Ordinance supports the Public Health Code as it refers to subsurface sewage disposal systems.  The Director of Health is responsible for enforcement of the Ordinance and the WPCA maintains a database [Carmody] tracking the pumpout services and mails postcard reminders to all residents.

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Research, Public Education and                    Implementation

The WPCA researches the impacts of polluted run-off via rooftops, impervious surface, air pollution, pet waste, fertilizer etc. on the quality of the ground and surface waters of the Town, aquifers, watershed and adjacent water bodies like the Long Island Sound and Connecticut River.


Public Education and the consideration and development of new initiatives result from the research and information obtained from many sources in the environmental field. 



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